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Bagpiper for hire Covering Manchester, Liverpool, Wirral, Warrington, Chester, Lancashire, Cheshire, UK and Beyond

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Gregory is a highly experienced bagpiper available for hire from the North West covering Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Warrington, Merseyside, other parts of Cheshire, Lancashire, North Wales and surrounding areas as well as other parts of UK and beyond.  


He comes from a family which has had many members involved in pipe bands in the Salford area (greater Manchester) and has been playing the bagpipes (following his fathers footsteps) for over 25 years this has taken him from playing in successful local bands around the greater Manchester area to Lancashire, Scotland and Bands in Northern Ireland


Now Living in the Wirral, Gregory has amassed much experience and awards in competitions as a solo bagpiper and also competing in pipe bands, as well as being hired to play the bagpipes at many private and public events from the North West to all parts of the UK and beyond.


Some highlights in his piping career are winning solo awards as a juvenile and also at senior level, achieving his aspiration of playing at the highest grade possible within pipe bands (grade 1), Playing at the Rod Stewart vagabond concert with his local pipe band as a young boy, gaining 1st place in the European competition with his pipe band, playing a solo on the bagpipes in the first community concert in Northern Ireland (local newspaper:"virtuoso flying fingers").


As well as playing the Bagpipes, Gregory also plays the Low Whistle which has a deep mellow sound which could add an extra touch to a funeral or memorial service. 


Gregory is available to play the bagpipes or the low whistle at events such as funerals, weddings, New Years Eve, Hogmanay, Burns Suppers, ceilidhs, corporate events, Birthdays and other special events. He has amassed a large repertoire through the years playing traditional Scottish and Irish tunes as well as more modern/contemporary styles and can accommodate most requests.


In addition, Gregory has some of the most talented Drummers to come from England as support and can give you a very impressive piper and drummer ensemble if you require for your function.




Bagpiper Hire North West, usually covers areas around the local area such as Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, chester, merseyside, Lancashire etc But is more than prepared and well experienced in travelling much greater distances to play the bagpipes for whatever the occasion as he is passionate in making sure the bagpiper you hire, is the real deal. 


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bagpiper available for all occasions around the north west , uk, & internationally

Please check out the Info below to find out more about Bagpiper Hire,relevant news helpful info on events and particular seasonal times plus recent piping events from around the North west and beyond.

Bagpiper Hire North West Info



The gig I had booked for midnight new years eve have just cancelled due to the business closing down, this means I am now available for hire at the midnight slot new years eve.This is a very rare opportunity as I am always booked very early on in the year. So if you would like to book me for the main slot please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

Nov 2014

I am now taking bookings for over the Christmas period, so whether your in the cheshire, merseyside, greater Manchester area or further afield and you want to hire a bagpiper of a high standard to make your celebrations going into 2015 go off with a bang then get in touch. Please note dates are going fast but theyre are still major dates available.


Oct 2014

Choosing a Bagpiper for your event

Bagpipers spend years learning and trying to perfect this unique instrument, usually through playing in a pipe band from a young age to having at least one tutor (some of the best solo bagpipers in the world still have tutors) to get to an acceptable level it takes a good few years of hard practice then after this many will compete in both solo competitions and/or playing with a pipe band in competitions, the usual governing body for bagpipers is the Royal Scottish Pipe band Association (see links

There are however a number of bagpipers that advertise themselves as something along the lines of "world class" or "the countries Number 1 Bagpiper". I would be very dubious about these bold statements because genuine bagpipers are a very modest folk ;)

If for whatever reason I am unavailable to play at your event, I will always endeavor to make sure you are put in contact with another reputable Bagpiper as I have many contacts throughout the UK of top quality Bagpipers. This is important to me as I am so passionate about this great instrument, I wouldn't want somebody to give it a bad name and also spoil your event through poor playing and out of tune sounding bagpipes.

A few tips to show a genuine bagpiper are:-

Associated with a pipe band(in the past or still presently playing) or Bagpipe organisation i.e RSPBA

They have had one or more Bagpipe tutors over a number of years.

They May have won awards such as solo piping or in their pipe band.

They have a good repertoire as well as the classics they should know jigs, hornpipes, reels etc

Most importantly however would be to have sound samples or examples of their playing for you to listen to so you can make sure you are happy with the Bagpipers performance before they play at your event. Usually they should have recordings on their website or links to you tube, if this isn't the case it may be a good idea to be sent a sound sample by email this way you can get a 2nd opinion, to ensure the bagpipe playing at your event will be a memorable and professional performance.

Oct 2014 Approaching Busiest Season

As we approach the last Months of 2014 the calender becomes extremely busy for myself and many other Bagpipers, this includes New Years eve/Hogmany Christmas parties and other events on the run up. If you want to hire a Bagpiper for your event it may be a good idea to start inquiring or even booking a piper quite soon as many businesses will be drawing up there Christmas and New year festivities and so will be booking bagpipers soon to advertise for their seasonal events.If you can't get a bagpiper for midnight try not to be too disheartened as you may be able to book a piper before or after, last year I performed at a church hall, and a club in Didsbury and Manchester before playing at a pub in Manchester for Midnight but the best reception and atmosphere was the local in the Wirral at 2am, (the sauce may have helped a little with that one) So whether your holding a private function or works party, Hotel, Pub or Restaurant. I would start looking and booking a Piper thats going to make your event.


The summer season as we know is also the Wedding season which can be such a stressful time for organising the perfect dream wedding (Ive/my wife has been there) and with all that hard work, preparation and expense involved, It is then very understandable to make sure that everything goes well. If you want to hire a bagpiper for your wedding, then it is important to have a piper who has experience and knowledge to help make things go smooth (on the music front)

As mentioned previously it is important to hire a bagpiper with a good calibre. It is also important for the bagpiper to be able to help out with what you require for the big day if you need advice on tunes or when you want the bagpiper to play. With myself I always endeavour to help out with this as much as possible and always try to be as flexible as possible and with just a little information I can have a good idea on the kind of tunes and when and where to play the bagpipes. To help out with this I have recorded some popular tunes on the sound samples page to help with ideas, however this is by no means all the tunes I play. I have countless bagpipe tunes in my repetoire as well as a knack to learning new and different tunes to make it all the more personal if there was something in particular you have in mind. As a Bagpiper I understand the importance to the big day and make sure that each time it is as personal as possible. As well as this I make sure that my costs are kept as low as possible knowing full well the expense of a wedding. So whether it be Liverpool, Manchester, Other parts of the North West or any where else throughout the country Contact me for a very reasonable quote.



June 2014

A little on the Heritage of Bagpipes and Pipe bands from the North West. The North West of England has a rich and proud heritage of pipe bands with particular individuals sparking a successful era for Pipe bands in the North West, this stems back to the 1970's and 80's in particular and of which I am proud to be associated with. One Band in particular that stood out Was Mount Carmel Pipe Band, who were based in the Salford/greater Manchester area. They became the only English civilian Pipe band to reach Grade 1 (the highest grade possible in pipe bands) Other Bands of note were Warrington Pipe band Which reached grade 2 as well as Chorley Pipe band and City of Salford Pipe band (then called Hodgkinson Bennis) who would consistently pick up prizes from major competitions in Scotland, many of the members of these pipe bands still play today and I was very lucky to play with and taught by very prominent individuals from this era. Although some of the  the pipe bands in this time are no longer competing, they have left a great legacy in the fact that never before has so many bagpipers and drummers from the North West played at the highest grade for Pipe bands from around the world. This is all because of the standard and quality set by these earlier players which was at the highest level, in turn would be great for the youngsters learning to play so you can rest assured then that if you wanted a bagpiper from the likes of Manchester, Salford, Liverpool Merseyside  Lancashire way etc (with the right Background) you will be getting a quality Standard player.








Bagpiper Hire North West
Bagpiper For Hire North West, for all occasions- Funerals, weddings, New years eve, burns night, special events & more Covering Greater Manchester, The Wirral, Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, North Wales and Beyond.